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What are the best gaming streaming platforms

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Top 3 live game streaming platforms

Live streaming industry has been growing a lot over the years. Gamers enjoy watching other players compete with each other and can even stream their gameplays. If you are someone who enjoys watching these then you also can visit one of these streaming platforms. The best thing about them is that you have the option to select any game of your choice and then select from a list of players streaming them.
You can then add these players to your list so that you are notified whenever they are online. There is much different game streaming platforms on the internet, which might make you question, what the best one is. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some of the most user-friendly streaming platforms.

1. YouTube Gaming

YouTube has been one of the most dominating platforms used all over the world for streaming videos. It has now started a live streaming service known as YouTube gaming that anyone who owns an account can start using. You can either stream a game of your liking or choose to watch someone else instead. One great thing for streamers is that YouTube can generate a lot of revenue.
This is because the company has collaborated with Google’s AdSense program. This allows users to earn money whenever someone from their channel clicks on an ad. Aside from this, the viewer rating features on the website allow users to target a specific audience only.

2. Twitch

Twitch is the most popular live game streaming platform that is known for being family-friendly and easy to use. Although, because of its popularity streamers can sometimes find it hard to attract users to their streams. It is quite difficult to stand out among all the other streams, but if you do find a category or game that you are good at.
Then you can easily get famous and start making a lot of money. Aside from this, when it comes to being a viewer, the layout of Twitch is extremely easy to understand and you can easily select a streamer by searching for a game of your liking. The platform then lists all the streamers according to the number of users that are watching them. However, you can also change the sorting to other things from the options.

3. Mixer

Mixer is another unique streaming platform that focuses on streaming by making small groups with other co-creators. Users have the option to make a party of up to 4 people who can then stream their gameplay at the same time. These streams are shown in 4 small boxes and the viewers can watch all of them at the same time.
This makes the experience unique and fun to watch in a lot of cases. Though, the only downside for Mixer is that if your internet speed is not up to the mark then you might have some buffering problems. Mixer has been growing their audience by quite a lot and some major influencers like Ninja and Shroud have even moved to the platform from Twitch.

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