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The players will face the final boss of the game Rhea in Chapter 11: Reprisal. Shez will fight with Rhea for the people of Fodlan. Players will need to defeat Rhea and her true form which is the Immaculate One. So, there’ll be two phases of this fight. The class that you want to use for this fight is Asura as it is the most powerful class of Shez. The abilities and magic along with the dual swords will deal tons of damage to Rhea.

In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Rhea and Immaculate One.

Defeating Rhea

In the first phase, you will face Rhea’s human form and at the start of the fight you want to hit her with the True Awakening ability and it will break her shield and then you can spam Boost Aerial Attacks of level 3 on her. Her attacks would take some time to connect and before they connect, you can easily spam her with Boost Combat Magic of Level 3. She will not be able to land a single hit while you’d be dealing thousands of damages with the abilities. Once you have broken her shield again then hit her with the Dual Wielder’s Ploy. After that repeat the same set of abilities and attacks to finish the first phase of this fight.

Defeating Rhea

Defeating Immaculate One

After a cutscene, Rhea will turn into a white dragon that is called Immaculate One. It will be her true form and in this second phase, you need to lower the HP of Immaculate One four times. You’ll see three red diamonds after her name, it will show how many times you’ll have to lower her HP until you finally defeat her.

The Immaculate One phase doesn’t have many attacks, she’ll only do spam attacks on the ground in the first two lives. When she is about to slam the ground, you’ll see red circles on the ground. You can dodge that by moving away from it and then you can push back in and hit her again with all the set of abilities that deals tons of damage. Hit her with the ultimate ability of Asura to rapidly lower her HP. Just keep spamming the Aerial Attacks and Magic Attacks to rapidly decrease the HP of Immaculate One.

Once you have finished her HP two times, the dragon will start to fly in the air and breathes white flame from its mouth so, when you see her go up in the air just move back from that area and when the dragon is back on the ground then push back into it again and hit it with the ultimate along with True Awakening ability. Then land some Aerial Attacks along with Magic Attacks. Once you have finished her HP three times, only one last life will remain of the last boss of the game.

Defeating Immaculate One

You need to use the Shadow Flash ability from the front of the dragon and then hit additionally with the abilities. Then go to the back of the dragon and hit it with the ultimate of Asura and when the ultimate ability is finished hit it with the Aerial Attacks and Magic Attacks as it does deal great damage to the Immaculate One. Dodge the slam attacks and White Flame of the dragon to avoid the damage and then hit it with Shadow Flash along with the Dual Wielder’s Ploy. After you’ve defeated the Immaculate One, a cutscene will play and the game will end.

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