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How to Increase Gear Level

In V Rising, your character gear level matters a lot and not only for defeating the high-level enemies but you’ll progress further in the game in the game by increasing your gear level. There are a couple of methods to increase the gear level and in today’s guide, we’ll be telling you those methods.

How to Increase Gear Level

Gear level is overall the equipment level that you have, your weapons, armor, etc. When a player starts the game, he would not have any gear on him and you just have to follow the main quests which can be seen on the top left and the player will set down his base and other stuff. The quest will also tell you to craft yourself bone weapons which can you do simply by opening the Character menu and on the right tab of the Character’s menu there’ll be a crafting button. Then you can craft yourself bone weapons and boneguard gear.

How to Increase Gear Level

Now what to do further and level up your gear, there are two ways you can do that. You can do that either by picking up the weapons and gear parts from the enemies you kill or you can do it by crafting. You’ll fight a lot of enemies but chances of dropping weapons and gear parts are extremely slow so that is not the way you want to go for because it’ll take you so much time to gather the equipment.

However, in a crafting way, you can craft the higher-level weapons and gear by building new workstations in your Castle. Each of the workstations will require different resources to build and for some of them, you’ll need to defeat the bosses for structure unlocking. The main workstations you want to build are the Simple Workbench, Woodworking Bench, Tannery, Furnace, and Grinder.

The Simple Workbench will let you craft copper weapons and merciless weapons, copper gear, and merciless gear which are very stronger than the bone weapons and gear. The Tannery, Furnace, and Grinder will let you refine the resources that are necessary for making these gear and weapons. The Woodworking Bench will let you craft Crossbow and Fishing Pole.

How to Increase Gear Level

After the copper, you can make iron weapons and gear as well but for that, you need to defeat a level 37 boss and you can easily do that by getting yourself Merciless weapons and gear. The boss you need to defeat is Quincey the Bandit King who is located in Bandit Stronghold, to breach the stronghold, you’ll need to craft Explosives which you’ll get by defeating Clive the Firestarter boss. He is a level 30 boss and it’ll give you the recipe for Minor Explosive Box which you can craft on the Alchemy Table. After you’ve crafted everything, go and kill the Quincey the Bandit King and you’ll get the Smithy Workstation in which you can craft the Iron Weapons and Gear.

V Rising: How to Increase Gear Level

This is the shorter and more efficient method than fighting enemies and getting weapons because that’ll take more time than the crafting method and you won’t be able to craft the tools that’ll benefit you most.

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