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7 Ways  to Get Better at Apex Video Game

Apex Video Game

7 Ways to Get Better at Apex Video Game


, Unlike other battle royals, apex is an incredibly fast-paced FPS video game and has more in common with your typical shooter games . Due to its heightened pace of gameplay, newcomers and regulars alike can find it hard to adjust their aim in fights.
This guide will help you improve your aim in game and covers aim sensitivity. With these helpful tips, you will be rushing into wins in apex video games.

Using training mode


Before entering any lobby for a legit match against players, you’ll want to undergo some training. This will help familiarize yourself with each weapon and recoil. You can employ different training scenarios that can help you adjust to fights with multiple targets or fighting with opponents from cover. Practice snapping, aiming down sight at targets. After that practice on quickly firing, exiting the aiming stance which is used  in  fights against other squads. Strafe firing is useful when firing at enemies while exiting cover.

Finding the right aim sensitivity

This depends entirely on the player themselves, and their preference during gameplay. The game allows the player to adjust both mouse sensitivity and aim down sights sensitivity, giving you more control over your aim. You may be tempted to copy a professional player’s settings in regard to this matter but it is recommended you set it to your own style. A good way to figure out what works for you is training, where you can adjust your settings and observe the difference, refining it as you go. A good suggestion would be to keep your sensitivity as low as you comfortable with and have greater control over your movement.

Compensating for recoil

A vital aspect of aiming that affects your aim and weapon fire is how the player compensates for a specific weapon’s recoil. You can test out all the guns in training to observe their recoil patterns. Learn where  how to compensate for them. Once you have learned these patterns you can use your mouse or analog stick to reposition you aim to keep your sights targeted in the same place.

Shooting while sliding

The maps of Apex Legend feature various areas where you can slide downhill for better maneuvering. Often you will be faced with enemies shooting at you while you coast downhill. You can practice hip-firing your weapons while sliding so you will not have to stop.This helps to not waste precious time in this case opening yourself up to damage.

Real match experience

Despite all the useful training features in training mode, one can only do so much aim practice against hitboxes. This is entirely different to actual legends in-game. You will have to balance practicing with actual match scenarios using attachments on guns that will significantly alter firing techniques against opponents with the same type of weapons and guns.

Crosshair placement

A key aspect of the game is positioning your crosshair. While traversing around the map, you’ll want to keep your crosshair at head or neck level. This will help in less readjustment when encountering any enemies. Moreover ; this will help in increasing chances of landing a perfectly damaging headshot.

Dropping into hot zones

A great way to gain quick and plentiful experience is to drop into hot zones with high-tier loot areas directly. If you are lucky enough to find a good weapon right away, you can get in some good shooting practice right off the bat. Be wary of enemies that land before you, as this can lead you to get killed off before even touching a gun. Coordinate with your squad and ping weapons swiftly to ensure you grab any before an enemy finds you.
Be sure to get plenty of practice in using various weapons on hand and adjust all sensitivity settings for you get a handle on aim in Apex Legends and begin your journey to getting better at aiming.


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